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  1. I’m just going to dive right in and admit it, I judge a book by its cover. It’s shocking I know but if a book does not look enticing then I won’t pick it up. 
  2. In my opinion, The Fault in Our Stars is not John Greens best novel. To me, it is Looking for Alaska.
  3. I go for weeks without picking up a book, but then once I pick one up and really get into it, I just won’t stop reading it until I have finished it.
  4. I can’t just buy one book, if I go book shopping then I will spend a few days trawling my local charity shops before heading to stores like Waterstones and Blackwells. 
  5. I am not a fan of the way J.K Rowling writes, don’t get me wrong, I adore the Harry Potter franchise but I just feel as if her writing style is difficult for me to get into.
  6. I will rebuy books if a different cover is released and I prefer that one. I will also rebuy books so that all of my covers are similar – especially books by the same author.
  7. I also do not like the movie covers of books, and will avoid them if I can. Even if that means buying one copy of the book – as the movie cover – and rebuying it later after the hype of the movie has died down.

What are your confessions, do any of you believe that an author is ‘overrated’? Leave your confessions in the comments below.

                                                      Bye for now my little pumpkins

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