Things To Do In Manchester

While I was in Manchester, Sarah suggested that we pay a visit to a little independent book shop, which doubles up as a coffee shop, and I couldn’t say no.

We went to Chapter One Books in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and from the moment I stepped inside, I fell head over heals in love. From the quirky decor, to the selection of books and cake, it is just adorable and fantastic. That aside,  I know that all of us book lovers are a big fan of book shops such as Waterstones, and Blackwells but I feel as if we all have a little bit of appreciation for these little independent book stores, and I know that I would personally prefer to support something such as Chapter One Books instead of the high street stores. Especially stores that sell tea and cake too.

the most amazing hot chocolate, ever
Just a selection of the teas on offer
a crime section market by police tape
a small selection of the books available

I think that Chapter One Books is perfect for just spending an afternoon in a calm setting, getting lost in a good book. It’s relaxed atmosphere is also perfect for a first date, a catch up with a good friend, or just a chilled out afternoon.

Have any of you visited Chapter One Books, or know of any independent book stores in the Newcastle area? Let me know in the comments below.

                                                          Bye for now my little pumpkins