Love Your Library

As YALC fast approaches, my reading list grows, and my book fund dwindles – drastically. And that is why I have decided to give my local library some serious lovin’ by spending far too much time ordering the books that I can’t afford yet I want to read before July.

I think the love for local library is wearing thin, particularly since the dawn of the eBook (I know you either love them or hate them, but come 1000 of books are now so easily accessible within moments). I know that when I was first gifted my beloved Kindle a few years back I stopped picking up physical books and I settled for eBooks instead, spending a fraction of the cost loading it up with a whole lot of my favourite titles.

But I can’t put all if this blame on the highly contested eBook, no not all. In fact I know that a lot of local libraries have been forced to close due to funding cuts, and a lack of use. But as all local councils have a duty to provide a efficient and comprehensive library service under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act, therefore there should be a library within your local area.

Using a library not only supports your local council, but you are able to have access to a wide range of reading materials. And come on, this is the 21st century after all so libraries do not just stock books. In fact, my local library also stock audio books, magazines, brail and large print novels as well as giving all library card holders access to computers with up to date software.

If – like my local library – the Young Adult or Teenage section is a little lackluster then most libraries offer a service in which they can order in the novel that you are looking for, thus saving yourself money.

Some libraries also hold book sales, selling off books that they either hold too many copies of or books that there is little or no demand for, and you can pick up some of your favourite titles for as little as 20p.

Signing up to your local library is both quick and simple, all I needed to do was fill out a short form including my name, age, date of birth and address as well as provide one letter with proof of the address I had given, and that was it.

During my latest visit to the library I picked up three novels from my YALC TBR – The Weight of the Water by Sarah Crossan, Mind Your Head and This Book is Gay, both written by Juno Dawson.

Let me know if you regularly use your local library, it would be interesting to see how many members of of the blogging community do in fact use it.