3 Bookish Wishes

We all wish for something, whether we are wishing for matching front covers, squeals to our favourite novels or for characters to fall in love, a wish is never far from our lips. And when it comes to bookish wishes, I have plenty.

If I just so happened to stumble upon a genie, I think that my first bookish wish would be to have my own personal library, much like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast. Just imagine sitting by the fire, all cosy and snug with your favourite novel. And when that book comes to an end, you would always have something to pick up next, with shelves from floor to ceiling you would always have plenty of choice.

My second wish would be that no damage could ever come to the books that my friends or I own. That would mean no more damaged spines, or bent corners, or crinkled covers. My books would stay in immaculate condition, just like new.

Honestly, I thought about my third and final wish long and hard, and I think that I would wish for the ability to be able to actually transport myself in and out of the world of whatever book I am reading at that time, and become a character of my choice from said novel. It would be so amazing, and magical to be able to place myself inside of books. I would maybe even like to become my own character within the book, and tell my own story. Just imagine?

What would be your 3 bookish wishes? Are there any authors that you would like to invite to tea, or any literary worlds that you would like to delve in to?



2 thoughts on “3 Bookish Wishes

  1. bradleysbooknook says:

    My one and only wish would be that they released all of the books paperback and the same size 😩 it’s so frustrating getting to the last book in the series and it’s A2 hardback 😂😂


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