Same old, yet all brand new


I have briefly touched on this over on my Twitter, but I thought I would be better to write a little post talking over what is going to be happening over on my blog over the coming, days, months and years.

In September I will be starting a year journey to become a registered adult nurse – but there is more to come about that next week – and since I haven’t been all that happy in terms of book blogging, I thought I could turn my blog into a journal, surrounding my time as a student nurse.

I do genuinely enjoy blogging, however I feel as if the main reason as to why I haven’t been really happy with my blog previously is because it felt almost like a job, I knew I had to read a book, make notes, get ready to review it then spend x amount of hours trying to write my thoughts down in to a post that actually made sense. And, a lot of the time I felt as if some of the content I was writing – especially book reviews – weren’t doing the blogging world justice. I have spent hours, upon hours reading through reviews, and there are some beautifully written, coherent reviews around in the blogging world, yet I felt is if my reviews were never up to that standard. And I know that I should never compare myself with other bloggers, but unfortunately that is something I do.

But I am hoping that with changing my blog to more of a journal, I will be able to enjoy my blog, and watch it grow as I work towards registered nursing status.

I do plan to still post occasionally about books, and all things bookish but this blog will now predominately be about my journey, tips that might make the journey easier for others and other little nursing musings.

And, if you have any questions about the change to my blog, or the move in career, or anything relating to my time as a student nurse, then feel free to leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you.